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wow again some more!

Wed Jan 15, 2014, 11:07 PM
[I need to submit journals more often i guess!]

So, the 15th was my birthday, and many of you took the time to wish me a happy one!  Thanks a bunch for that. Chances are you can see most of them in the comments on my userpage right now.  

It was a pretty good day, made all the better by the great gifts given to me by friends and watchers! Let's take a look at some of the great stuff I got, in the order that I happened to see it:

:iconbakasanji: :iconsedeto:

Birthday for AlloyRabbit 2014 by hasegawanao :iconhasegawanao:

crunchy cosplay fun
Birthday - Chibiusa's Rem Cosplay Growth/Smash by MasterOfRa :iconmasterofra:

city-smashing cake carrying
Gift for AlloyRabbit (2014) by nick01kang :iconnick01kang:

real estate deals
BIRTHDAY PRESENT - Rem's Brithday Gift by DeferredGalaxy3 :icondeferredgalaxy3:

an adorable Truffle
In Charge of Blowing out the candles by Billyblue999 :iconbillyblue999:

a lifelike portrait of exactly how I look
Birthday bunny by SpookyElk :iconspookyelk:

Rem corrupting the youth teaching a friend how to properly rampage
Giant Playground by EUDETENIS :iconsilverprovidence::iconeudetenis: 

a full-color, full-body portrait of Gen
Alloyrabbit's Birthday Gift by megaZer047 :iconmegazer047:

a new toy i should probably rescue from Rem
Alloys B'day 2 by makershy :iconmakershy:

A year-long extension to my DA premium membership from :iconmasterofra:

Loads-a-money from:
[that guy who shows up in my streams by the name MMPAnon--if you have a DA, let me know] 

And of course all of the happy wishes from the friendly folks here on DA. Thanks again everyone!

[If i forgot something, please let me know! I'll probably be updating this a few times to fill in any gaps!]

  • Playing: kerbal and other games that wish they were kerbal


Art Stream [Online!]

Sat Jan 4, 2014, 7:43 PM
Click Here!

[Edit 12-20-14]

time to draw!


well, i didn't expect to draw something so time consuming! c.c;  but i think it'll be worth it.  thanks a bunch all of you super nice folks ;_;

[Edit 12-13-14]

time for make draw D=


well, that one went a little oddly -w- not bad, just not how i planned. ah well

[Edit 12-6-14]

tiiiime to draaaaw.  for all of you. owo


that wasn't as productive as i would have liked -.- i'm not even sure what happened; i guess i was distracted or something >.>  oh well~

[Edit 11-29-14]

wow, it's drawing time already!


long stream is long -w-  and finally over.  and i posted the art from it already >w>;  hopefully that makes up for it!

[Edit 11-23-14]

so! story time. last week's stream sent my sleep schedule into a horrible spiral that had me passing out at like 8-10PM and waking up at some horrible hour in the morning.  despite my efforts to fix it, it kept happening. today i decided to try getting some sleep at 5 or so, in order to avoid being a zombie when it was time to start the stream.  

it didn't quite work out that way.  instead of waking up at around 7 like i planned (and could've sworn i set an alarm for..), i woke up at around 11.  which is..later, to say the least, than when i usually start


on the bright side, i now have what amounts to a full night's sleep powering me -w- 



well, i certainly did not expect to go that long! owo;  i'm gonna go pass out now.  

[Edit 11-15-18]

starting a bit late! c.c;  and i'm not entirely sure how late i'll manage to stay up cwc; but hopefully i can do something worth doing.


in the end, it was the unexpected headache that prevented productivity cwc;

[Edit 11-8-14]

been pretty busy with moving/lifting stuff today so i'm kinda worn out from that. hopefully my arm holds out long enough to make a worthwhile stream owo;


well, that stream lasted over 12 hours cwc; somewhere in there, the clocks rolled back an hour, so that helped.  it was fun though!  thanks for coming, everyone. ;_;


Well, family thing didn't go as long as I was told it would, because reasons cwc so, I'm here earler than I anticipated, and it's not too late to start drawing...and I sort of want to try to stream.  So I'm gonna try that and see how that goes. cwc;  Really really super sorry for anyone experiencing Saturday night plan whiplash ;w; I know I am. 

[Edit 10-31-14]

Unfortunately I gotta meet up with the family to do family things tomorrow, and there's a pretty high chance it'll prevent me from being able to do the stream thing =/  Instead, all of you must draw for eight or nine or twelve hours nonstop. all of you.


i hope you all drew stuff owo

[Edit 10-25-14]

all right, time to make draws owo all of you should draw too~


and so it was. but the stream went on for like 12 hours, which is far longer than i intended to >w>;;

[Edit 10-18-14]

probably gonna be disconnecty a lot tonight but i'm gonna try to draw anyway >x>


drawing stuff is fun.  i hope all of you drew stuff >.>

[Edit 10-11-14]

draw time is now time. all of you need to draw now o o


that was fun, and reasonably productive ^^

[Edit 10-5-14]

it's drawing time owo


all right, that was fun z-z

[Edit 9-27-14]

all right, time to draw! owo


well that was a bit shorter, but i'm worn out z-z thanks for watching

[Edit 9-20-14]

time for drawin owo


blegh, too tired to continue zwz goodnight

[Edit 9-13-14]

a bit more awake this time than last time, hopefully that will mean a better start -w-


well that was pretty fun owo

[Edit 9-6-14]

starting a bit earlier, probably ending a bit earlier too c.c


my fans/friends/audience are super dedicated, staying up through all that owo ahah thanks

[Edit 8-30-14]

i slept in >w>;  but it's time for to draw things


well, some of you drew, anyway cwc

[Edit 8-23-14]

time for make draw 

and by that i mean make all of you draw. so get to it owo


fun stuff owo

[Edit 8-16-14]

simultaneous PC repair and drawstream go


well that was fun owo;

[Edit 8-9-14]

sorry about not posting a journal last week--the technical issues lasted until about 3AM and nothing was drawn for the first hour or so so i was never sure if i'd have to cancel c.c;

anyway, it's drawing time owo


bunny stream was fun stream >w>

[Edit 7-26-14]

drawin time again owo


the stream hit just over 40 people at one point...that's definitely a record for me!

[Edit 7-19-14]

time to there are a lot of you here already c.c;


well that was pretty cool owo

[Edit 7-12-14]

dunno about the twelve hours thing this time but i reckon i still have some more drawing left in me -w-


twelve hours..c.c apparently when i said i'd start doing shorter streams, i meant longer. 

[Edit 7-5-14]

time for make draw owo


that went well. -w-

[Edit 6-28-14]

it's drawin time owo


fun stuff!

[Edit 6-21-14]

time for more drawin' -w-b


much fun owo 

[Edit 6-14-14]

iiiit's that time again owo


that was different >w>  but fun to do once in a while.

[Edit 6-7-14]

time to do that drawin thing that i do sometimes owo


thanks for watching!

[Edit 5-31-14]

all right, time to go!


so much left to draw, and no energy ;w;  tomorrow maybe

[Edit 5-24-14]

trying to get a little earlier of a start tonight owo


fun stuff, fun stuff -w-b

[Edit 5-17-14]

totally not late start >w>;;


fun stuff. not as productive as i'd like, but i'm too tired to continue =x  thanks for watching!

[Edit 5-10-14]

it's stream time again!


thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 5-3-14]

geez, already May c.c;; welp, stream time!


wow, that was fun! owo

[Edit 4-26-14]

bit of a late start, whoops!


well, that was fun!  Happy Easter everyone!

[Edit 4-19-14]

wow these weeks are going by way too fast! drawing time!


aaaand over twelve hours later, it's done owo 

[Edit 4-12-14]

it's drawing time again!


ten and a half hours later, it's done zwz

[Edit 4-5-14]

falling asleep near stream time is bad for your stream's health! it's time to draw.


wow, that was something like ten hours w@  i'm completely worn out.  but it was fun!

[Edit 3-29-14]

Wow, it feels like it's been forever!  but it's time to draw!

[Edit 3-22-14]
unfortunately, the stream's been preempted by plans tonight and tomorrow that don't mix well with starting at any reasonable time or sleeping in until turbo-late tomorrow, so I gotta call things off this weekend =/  I may have a small pocket of time to draw late-ish tonight, but I can't guarantee it and won't bother streaming it as it'd be too short anyway. owo;  sorry! 

All of you should just draw for 8 hours instead <w<


welp! that was pretty fun.  

[Edit 3-15-14]

it's drawing time again!


aaaand done, eleven or so hours later cwc

[Edit 3-8-14]

hey hey, it's stream time again!


well that was rather abruptly ended by livestream maintenance cwc;  oh well, got through most of it at least!

[Edit 3-1-14]

another month, another stream...


that was pretty fun owo

[Edit 2-22-14]

geez, already two months of the year gone...well, stream time!


whew! that was pretty grueling, yet fun owo

[Edit 2-15-14]

i totally forgot to draw a valenTruffle but at least i didn't totally forget the stream ;w; 


that was a lot more poniriffic than i thought it'd be >.>  oops~...oh well owo

[Edit 2-8-14]

it's time to break in the new toys cwc~  let's draw.


that was pretty fun, and pretty productive. owo

[Edit 2-1-14]

all right, it's drawing time again!


well, that worked out all right after all. owo

[Edit 1-25-14]

wow, already nearing the end of's going by entirely too quickly c.c!  anyway, stream time. 


speaking of time, it bit back and now i'm turbo sleepy, early. z-z  go watch billy's stream for a bit

[Edit 1-18-14]

the day i'm on time for this, that's the day you need to start worrying. =P


"oh i don't know if i'll be able to keep streaming so long each time heh"
*streams for twelve hours*


[Edit 1-11-14]

totally not forgetting to update this! c.c  i'm drawing now~.


well, that could've gone better >.>  but, it could've gone worse, too, i guess. owo;  i'll take it.

thanks for watching, everyone!

[Edit 1-4-14]
A new year, a new journal for this!

I kind of wish I didn't start late and have a headache and forget to post a journal until like an hour after starting! cwc;;;

But here we go anyway!

Suika drink by AlloyRabbit
Suika drink
they keep talking me into uploading all the goofy doodles -w-
Orchid stop dis by AlloyRabbit
Orchid stop dis
the first of the  crunchy chips by AlloyRabbit series

i wasn't going to post like half of these, originally..i changed my mind -w- now i wish i had uploaded them all in order. ah well


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I've been practicing different poses based on what I saw when you were deciphering Ken's drawing, and I'm running into a problem:  I can't seem to figure out how to draw someone leaning forward.  Is there a place you can send me that can show me how to go about doing this, or some tips on how to go about setting up the pose that you'd be willing to share? 
AlloyRabbit Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
that kind of thing is super tricky to get right if you're drawing it from a front or back angle c.c  

assuming the camera is at the same height as the person...basically you need to do the same kind of foreshortening you'd do for a high-angle POV, only...less so. 

i haven't yet figured out a reliable way to get it to look right cwc; 

alternatively, try using a low angle (in which case you'd draw them more like a normal front-angle, except the legs or something) or a side angle (which alleviates a lot of the problems, but doesn't look as interesting) =x
Speedy526745 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see.  I'll keep messing around with it, then, and practice other poses while I'm at it.  I appreciate the help.
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