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Squidward Tentacles
United States

Art Stream! [Offline]

Sat Jan 3, 2015, 5:40 PM
Click Here!


>w>; well, i wasn't terribly energetic or something. hopefully i'll come up with some stuff this week to compensate or something

[Edit 5-2-15]

wow, i've done like no drawing all week c.c;  hopefully i can make up for it tonight or something owo;


not the best, but far from the worst >.>

[Edit 4-25-15]

all right, time to see if i can draw some stuff owo


too sleepy to keep going >.>  but it's a decent quitting time anyway. and we got some nice stuff in! owo

[Edit 4-18-15]

wow, quite a late start >.>;; sorry about that!


that went by quick!  it was fun though owo

[Edit 4-11-15]

wow, is it that time again already? let's draw~


not spectacular, but far from a disaster owo;  happy Easter, everyone!

[Edit 4-4-15]

wow, starting quite a bit later than i thought i would c.c;;  oh well, here we go!


haha wow, pretty much every picture got colored in some fashion <.< that's a first owo;

[Edit 3-28-15]

okay time to draw! bit late but ehhh we'll overcome it probably >.>!


wow, about 13.5 hours or so o_o

insane! fun though. >w>

i'm perpetually amazed by how generous you guys are .w. itreallyhelps

[Edit 3-21-15]

tooootally didn't forget to post a journal about starting! >_>


well, that was a rockin' 12-ish hours -w- 


[Edit 3-14-15]

drawing time!


wow! that was much better than recent ones. c.c technical problems aside. -w-

[Edit 3-7-15]

wow, that week went by quick!  this stream will feel quicker too, since we'll lose an hour in the middle of it >.>


livestream decided tonight was a good night to have all kinds of issues, so it was more disconnects and glitches than actual streaming >.>

[Edit 2-28-15]

whoops, got a bit too involved in kerbal and started late >.>!


hokay, that went a -lot- better than the recent ones -w- wooo

[Edit 2-21-15]

bit of a late start, but here we go owo


mediocre, but better than last week at least >.>

[Edit 2-14-15]

it's showtime!


well, that was probably the worst one in a while. cwc;

[Edit 2-7-15]

some technical difficulties held up the beginning but here we go (i hope!)


well, that certainly worked! in a rather unexpected way >.>;

[Edit 1-31-15]

third time's the charm, right?

right? >w>;;


i was kinda hurting for ideas and inspiration the whole time, but it wasn't a complete disaster i think >.>;

[Edit 1-24-15]

all right, drawing time! you should all get started >w>


wow, that was...a  slow start >.>;  but it eventually came around. mostly.

[Edit 1-17-15]

it's drawing time! owo


woooh! that was fun. over 12 hours of fun cwc

[Edit 1-10-15]

all right, gonna try to pull together the energy to draw owo;


Woooo! 12.5 hours later, and I have a lot of stuff to upload--although about 2/3 of it is from earlier in the week.  That was a good way to kick things off, though!


Another year, another stream journal!

And tonight, another stream!

Wwwwwow I posted like no journals last year holy cow c.c 

  • Mood: Happy
  • Listening to: wubs
  • Playing: kerbal and other games that wish they were kerbal


Truffsleep by AlloyRabbit
this was a preeeettty weaksauce stream cwc;;; ah well...hopefully next time will be better. and hopefully i manage to draw stuff this week >.>
little big Vert posts to her blog by AlloyRabbit
little big Vert posts to her blog
so some stuff from a new(?) neptunia game got linked in stream chat, and it included loli Vert.

so i drew her -w- just because.

those poor figurines >.>


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britishman1940 Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2015   Filmographer
hello, sir, it's been a while, and by the way, come and see my page, i have something for you, and it's about a girl rampaging.
chrisstarshade Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2015
It has been decided.  There needs to be an alloyrabbit summoning invocation. 


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FurryGen Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2015
Hi Alloy whats up sorry being quite  been busy but i see you been busy love your artwork as always.  
sakaruchibi Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2015  Student Artist
I drew the picture for you hope you like it 
I also am a giantess fan too 
erierin Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2015
trash pack gts
khorme Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
Hahah it's alright.  There have been many a time I thought I was following someone but never clicked the little icon.
chachazero90 Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
Would it be safe to assume that you play the Neptunia games?
If so who is your faveourite character?
Have you seen the Next forms?
AlloyRabbit Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2015
i've only actually played a little bit of nep 1 rebirth for PC >.>

all the nepu stuff is mostly :iconreimutoadin:'s fault owo 

Compa would be my favorite character though <.<   and i've seen a little of the next forms, yeah.
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